libbncsql V 1.0.1 Apache License 2.0 Source Code libbncsql-1.0.1.tar.gz


libbncsql is a sql multi-database connection api.


http/https Proxy


Client-A open a connection to server and verfiy, if configured, the server cert fingerprint ( e.g. 2e:e2:b1... ).
The server reject this connection if the client cert is unknown or the cert it not signed with the server-ca, thereby manage user/group/other access.
After a successful handshake the client is connected via (bi-directional) websocket to the database server.
Like openvpn, libbncsql is working with client/server tls-certificate, no other vpn setup is necessary and can considered as secure as your vpn.
Use the apache virtualhost setup, one internet-ip can serve for multi database connections, e.g.

  • -> postgres
  • -> mysql
  • -> mssql,mysql

Using http/https Proxy, a license is required for the bncsql-apache modul, developed by, handling database connections.

Main Features

  • data transfer from, e.g. ms-sql to postgresql
  • simpler than odbc to configure
  • fast C++ API with classes mapped from table
  • python wrapper
  • blob - binary data up to 4GB
  • data sources: mysql, ms-sql, xls-read
  • coming soon: oracle, postgres, unix-odbc
  • coming soon: java wrapper
  • open source, licensed under the apache license, version 2.0

Optional Services

  • supported setup, e.g. secure tls connetions with your server, contact us here
  • supported app development
  • development training


support this project with your donation, please donate via PayPal PayPal or contact us here


os_android Android

  • coming soon

iOS iPhone, iPad

  • coming soon

os_macosx OS X 10.9 or later

  • coming soon

os_windows7 Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit)

  • coming soon

os_linux Linux

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bncSQLRSync.cpp, bncSQLRSync.h, bnplugincrt.h, bnpluginpy.cpp, ,
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You may use this file WITHOUT CHANGES according to Apache License, Version 2.0.
Modifications of this file is NOT allowed without prior written permission.
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